Friday, 14 August 2009

Tilburg, Museum De Pont

The library in the museum is an example of how our future office should look like. An absolute wanna-have !

Tilburg, Museum De Pont

This lighting sculpture by Angela Bulloch would be a great feature in a store.

Tilburg, De Gruyter

De Gruyter was a Dutch retail organisation from 1818-1971. This storefront is a good example of how a store can create impact from the street.

Breda, WE

A strong shop window, where the message is supported by the presentation, the packaging and the big photo in the back.

Breda, V&D

A shop window, where one message, low-price, is supported by the presentation

Breda, State of Art

Is there a new trend in visual merchandising to decorate over-the-top?

Breda, Omoda

Too much choice is killing!

Breda, Douwe Egberts

Thinner shelves and more space between the shelves would give a stronger impression to the whole store.