Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Utrecht, WE

Great shopwindow, strong message about blazers.
One point of improvement would be that the mannequin on the right is not wearing a blazer, although the text in front of it is promoting one.
Utrecht, Vanilia
Utrecht, Superstar
Utrecht, Steps

What's the added value of the poster if you show exactly the same clothes on the mannequin ?
Utrecht, Promiss
Utrecht, Pop-up Shop
Utrecht, Card-shop
Utrecht, Jack & Jones
Utrecht, Claudia Strater

By using the same colors on the mannequin as the background it's hard to see the difference. Better choice would be to choose the pink clothes on the left, so it would stick out in front of the poster.
Utrecht, America Today

What happens in front of your store has a big impact on the impression of the brand.
If a store is completely closed towards the street it's more difficult to draw customers in.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

New York, 3x1 Made Here ( )
A new concept where the jeans are made on the spot. You can choose from standard fits, to completely made-to-measure. The atelier is in the store. Choose from:
1. Cut & Sew
2. Pre-finishing
3. Finishing

New York, Yellow Korner
Making photography & art accessible to the highstreet.

New York, Williamsburg

New York, Whisk

New York, Versace

New York, Tod's

New York, Soho

New York, Street-art in SoHo
New York, Sockerbit

New York, Shoe store on Madison Avenue

New York, Saks Fifth Avenue