Sunday, 30 October 2011

Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week

MU. After the Bit Rush. Design in a Post Digital Age

Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week, Designhuis

Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week, Design Academy,
An academy as a brand, it gives mixed feelings;
On one hand it feels like an amusement park, on the other hand the work of the students is a reaction to a society of consumption, with a back-to-basic design approach.

Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week

Dutch Design Awards

Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week
Stadhuis meets Design
Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week

Clever and fun way to promote a car brand.

Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Den Haag, Gemeentemuseum

The exhibition "Fashion loves Art" shows the interaction between fashion and art since the 19th century.

Den Haag, Gemeentemuseum

The exhibition Mondriaan & de Stijl is a good example of a space-design by Krijn de Koning and Anne Holtrop that interacts with the art.

Den Haag, Gemeentemuseum

This exhibition is a nice combination of furniture of the early 1900's and pictures taken by Johannes Schwartz of that same furniture situated at the homes of the owners.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Trend 1

Trends from the Furniture&Design Fairs in Amsterdam;

1. Handmade,
natural, basic, raw, hand-crafted, good example is

Trend 2

Trends from the Furniture&Design Fairs in Amsterdam,

2. Vintage/Retro,
new or re-produced, best represented by