Friday, 16 October 2009

Bilbao, Food Stores

Food display is always interesting to look at, as it simulates your senses immediately!

It’s fascinating to see different countries, with their own specialities, presented in their own way.

Bilbao, Clothing Stores

Different countries have different ways of presenting. They use the principle of a market booth; no window, lots of products. You need to get in to get an answer. Smart way to draw people into your store.

Who says you need shop windows to attract customers?

Bilbao, Shoes Store


All shoes available are shown in the shop window. Inside the store are only seats to try the shoes that you’ve selected from the shop window.

Thinking about shoes I can only say that there are more countries that sell like this than the stores we are used to in the Netherlands. What’s better? The only thing we can see is that this type of shop doesn’t say anything about the retailer. They are just a transfer station or service station for a certain type of shoes. No emotion just functionality.

Cadiz, Ties & Shirts Shop

A small product range is very well displayed. Beautiful build up colour scheme that show in a blink of an eye the full range. Easy shopping for people with limited time.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Den Haag, COS

This beautifully mid prized design store offers great clothes for men, women and kids.

Great quality fabrics, special design. Spot on design translations. Next to the special collection, they offer good basics. Their windows reflect the collections they sell.

Trend, design, no fuss, natural fabrics, value for money.

Den Haag, Maison de Bonneterie

Entering the new ‘Masion de Bonneterie’ you walk from "shop in shop" into "shop in shop". All the relevant more traditional brands are there, unfortunately nothing really stands out. The store is turned into a place for brand lovers. It’s become more general than special, one can find this in the product choices as well.

First example:

The turned up collars are a great solution to show detail that add surprise, a compliment is in place.

Example table presentation:

Although the colour group is correct and safe it misses a sparkle.