Thursday, 19 July 2012

Amsterdam, LACOSTE

Amsterdam, Hermes

Amsterdam, BOSS

How to present shoes in a shop-window

Amsterdam, Esprit

Amsterdam, WE

Amsterdam, Tommy Hilfiger
Amsterdam, Gallery
Interesting re-use of empty space; shop becomes atelier

Amsterdam, Maison de Bonneterie

Amsterdam, Souvenir shop
Amsterdam, Ferragamo
Amsterdam, Cucinelli

Amsterdam, Chanel

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Amsterdam, Sale in the City,

Scotch & Soda, Replay en Mexx
Amsterdam, Levi's
Amsterdam, Puma

Brand identity all the way to the fittingroom
Amsterdam, Mango

Fall is early this year

Amsterdam, G-Sus

Amsterdam, Frozen Fountain
Amsterdam, Mini
Amsterdam, Steve Madden
Amsterdam, Colour to Colour

Amsterdam, Temporary Museum,