Friday, 27 November 2009

Antwerp, Homeland Sissy Boy

Sissy Boy clothing started a home-line a few years ago. This new Antwerp store is a combination of these two collections. Question: What do they want to sell, the clothes or the accessories?

The success of this combination relies very much on the impulse shopping behavior. If you’re not located in a street and place with lots of traffic, it becomes very difficult.

With what product in mind do customers come to this store? Clothes? Home furnishing? Gift ideas?

Although the store interior is nicely done and gives a good combination between industrial and classic elements, the Sissy Boy concept itself could be much stronger in their positioning. This is more a compromise than a deliberate choice. The clothes are too basic as the home ware is inspirational and in this case clearly overwhelming the clothes collection. May be they should take a closer look at a very successful example from the states and their new flagship store in London; Anthropology

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