Friday, 6 November 2009

Utrecht, WAAR

“WAAR” is the new concept for the old fair-trade shops, “wereldwinkels”.
New name, new website, new store design, new graphics.
The idea of using the word WAAR is a good one. “WAAR” meaning in Dutch “where”, and also “true” is strong! It reflects the idealistic background of the organization: products for a fair price, with a clear idea on where the products come from and were the right people earning a fair amount of income.
The new graphics in the store reflect this by asking the consumer:
“Do you know what is “WAAR” (where/true)?”
“Prices include a good story.”
The only big problem with this store design is that there is no place to communicate with the consumer about the questions, you’re kind of left in the dark. Products are placed without any background information and if there is an explanation it doesn’t tell you what you would like to know. Really a big opportunity to involve the consumers is left out: in our opinion a huge disappointment. Questions are raised but not answered; involvement is not created in the store.

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